Covenant Kids

Jesus said, “Forbid not the little ones to come unto me and woe to anyone who would offend one of my little ones.” Our ministry is to equip and disciple Gods upcoming army that will usher in the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. We do this through high energy praise and worship, puppet shows, drama skits, movies, crafts, memory verses, incentives for participation, God inspired curriculum, and “fireball”, front-line, uncompromising, devil stomping blind-eye opening, deaf-ear clearing, dead spirit raising, teaching and preaching!!!

We are showing them how to prepare their hearts to receive from the Lord and to be led by the Spirit. The children are taught the principles of giving and receiving through tithes and offerings.

We center on relationships, not religion. We also teach the children how to operate in the gifts of the Spirit, laying on hands, casting out devils, and praying in tongues with Godly integrity and character.