Married for life

We believe that our Monthly Marriage Covenant Seminar is one of the most vitally important and helpful meetings in our ministry. God is very much concerned with the covenant of marriage and the order of the family structure. The principles for overcoming any problem, is found in God’s Word, and that is what is taught in this meeting. “Through knowledge, the just are delivered.” (Proverbs 11:9b)

Our ministry’s goal is to strengthen marriages and couples through God’s word and good Christian fellowship by providing pre-marital counseling, marital counseling and performing weddings. Our topics of discussion have included communication, sex in a Christian marriage, budgeting, and how to overcome financial difficulties, parenting, and many other interesting topics concerning marriage and the home.

After a time of teaching and instruction, there is a question/answer period, and the meeting ends with prayer. Our desire is to see the marriages in our church strong, happy and blessed of God. Through this meeting many marriages have been made happier, strengthened, and are being blessed of God.